I am an adopted american adult.  I found my family when I was 48 years old ,in Dec 2010.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ve read your blog and I certainly understand. I’m adopted, too! Met the biological family many moons ago. I am now 41 years old. A half-sister who is 6 years younger recently married and I was not invited to the wedding. She even went so far as to ask other biological family members to not tell me she was marrying. Oh, I certainly understand. Thank God, I’ve got my husband and my own two children. I’ve learned not to go where I’m unwanted, but it indeed hurts more than people who’ve known and been loved by their natural family could ever know or imagine. No one seems to get that adopted children suffer the loss of a mother and father before the adoption happens. That type of loss causes deep anger and lasting hurt, but it is expected that adopted children shouldn’t feel loss or hurt because…..they are adopted and lucky because of it. I’ve read too many account of adopted children who were not loved by their adopted families and never bonded. Yet, I’ve found that birth family members can feel as if an adopted child owes them something for wanting to be recognized as a natural member of a family. Adoption doesn’t make a child lucky. Adoption amplifies loss and what is missing from an adopted person’s life.. I wish you and yours the best. Thank you for blogging about what adoption is like for many of us.

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