I'd like to be able to use you

I have 4 weeks off, due to the corona virus. My adoptive Mom said, “I’d like to be able to use you”. I don’t want to be used, by her, or anyone. Just because I’m home, it does not mean I’m now an inanimate object, to be used by anyone.

I will help her, but I’d like to be asked. Maybe this has always been the dynamic between us, and the reason we’ve always been at odds. She thinks I’m a thing, to be used, and I think I’m an autonomous person, with free will, and needs and desires of my own, apart from her.

Stay safe, everyone. Draw close to the ones you love.

1 thought on “I'd like to be able to use you”

  1. “I’d like to be able to use you.” I have to wonder how she wants you to be used. No one wants to be used! I don’t know what she meant but it’s a terribly unfortunate use of words. Possibly some adopted persons were used to fill up an empty space, maybe to keep a marriage together (in some instances). We natural mothers feel used too. Our bodies were used to fulfill a couple’s need for a newborn.

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