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She Should Have Been Proud



My dear departed mother should have been proud of me.

I’m getting ready to go to work this morning.  I’m a supervisor in a busy government office.  I’ve raised 4 wonderful people into adulthood.  I own my own home and have been married to my sweetie for 34 years.

But she hated me.  My family shuns me.  It breaks my heart.  No matter what I do, it is never good enough.  I am tainted.  I am tainted by their rejection.

2 thoughts on “She Should Have Been Proud”

  1. I know nothing I say will help in any way, me being just an unknown person to you.
    But you are really someone I admire and respect.

    Your feeling heart, and the truly courageous way you continue to tell your truth, your experience, is something I hope you are very proud of. These things are hard won, and don’t come easily even in the best of times. To have these qualities when there is so much profound and intense hurt is really exceptional.

    I know this is not what you’re saying in your piece here. And that the admiration of a stranger doesn’t come close to healing anything.
    But I hope you can begin to give yourself what your mother was unable to. That’s what I’m learning for myself. It has brought some solace, and strength.

    (PS I’m not an adoptee.)

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