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I Just Can’t Stand it Anymore.


What has happened to this world?  When did giving away your newborn become a good thing?  How did the human race lose touch with millions of years of evolution.  Why do we think we can do a better job than nature?

These two are a prime example of the brainwashing of america regarding infant adoption.  They are so sure, so confident, so earnest.

Imagine being their daughter, and having to watch your own parents deny you like this someday?  And all for no reason.  These two were just as fit to parent then as they are now.

28 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Stand it Anymore.”

  1. First of all no (young) buttholes are going to tell me what I feel or what my reality is. I am almost 50 and since I was a child I have called my biological parents my REAL parents in my head and outloud. I hate the fakeness of adoption and I still do. No have to buy a baby to be a mommie feelings or stupid opionions are more important than mine either, because the pain of adoption happens to US not adoptive parents. I can NOT stand this couple, I feel so sorry for their child (that they have abused with all this from outerspace pro-adoption system crap). This girl needed a chastity belt, seriously, maybe that is what this world needs again and her selfish, immature bf needed military school. Our culture is way too sexual, but when a child is conceived then the ones who conceived that child need to break their asses and take responsibility by raising that child and not give them away in the tempter tantrum called adoption. The rate these kids are going to, like with this bogus video, they are going to go to hell. They better wake up and see that before it is too late.

  2. Exactly, it’s up to us to decide, and I feel the woman who gave birth to me was my mother. The one who raised me is self centered. you have to have a huge ego to think you can actually buy a human.

  3. These two are entirely brainwashed. They have been in the adoption machine since they were 16 and their thoughts and beliefs and actions regarding adoption are shaped by the adoption industry, promoted vigorously by the ever-present and controlling adoption counsellor Dawn.

    I watch this video and hear the emptiness in their words, as if their garbling can somehow make the clichés they are saying become real.

    But deep in their hearts they know they are their daughter’s true parents. With that knowledge comes the truth of what they have done, which will crush them when they face it. It did me. Catelynn’s anxiety and depression – so bewildering to her – are symptoms of this deep knowledge and of the grief associated with the loss of her daughter. They are also currently petrified that their daughter’s adoptive parents will cut off contact between them and their daughter, especially as occasionally their true feelings of anger have seeped out.

    I feel so sad for Carly and for these two also. A little family that could have been and that perhaps might have, if Dawn hadn’t barged into the labour room carrying the weight of the adoptive parents demands.

  4. I was going to suggest you posting a link to this page onto their FB page but it would undoubtedly lead to many moronic posts on here from people with absolutely no experience or understanding of adoption – their followers completely swallow the faring unicorn vrsion of adoption.

    I think your voice is so important. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the rest of us.

  5. When you say “Why do we think we can do a better job than nature?” are you saying that nature is telling us through a person’s fertility whether they have the ability to be a good parent?

    1. Not at all.

      I don’t think infertility has anything to do with parenting ability. Infertility is something wrong with your body, just like any other affliction.

      It’s what you do about it that matters. If you need a new liver, that’s not a moral wrong. If you pay to have someone killed, and take his liver, that’s wrong.

      Same with infertility. Nature shows us that mothers and their newborns should be kept together, if at all possible. Infertility does not entitle any one to interfere with that.

      1. But that’s what you are saying is that a person’s fertility determines whether a person is a good parent. You are saying that is nature’s way of making that point. That if a person isn’t fertile it’s nature’s way of saying they would not be a good parent and should stay away from children in a parenting capacity.

  6. Again, I don’t think that infertility, or fertility determines what makes a good parent.

    Infertility is not natures way of saying you would not be a good parent. Infertility is natures way of saying that your body cannot create a child.

    There is sometimes no cure, just like for other conditions. It’s not fair, but life can be very cruel.

    1. I didn’t say infertility, I said fertility meaning a person’s ability to conceive a child is nature’s way of saying who has the ability to parent and that they shouldn’t be separated from their child no matter what. Those that are fertile are meant to become parents. That is essentially what you are saying.

      1. I don’t know what you mean. People become parents when they have sex and conceive a child. I don’t think certain people are meant to be parents and some are not.

        I don’t think people are meant to have disease either, but they sometimes do.

        I don’t think that there is a system controlling who gets to be a parent.

        Once a woman has a baby, she becomes a mother. She and her child deserve protection. It’s cruel to take a child from it’s mother. It’s cruel to the mother, but even worse for the baby.

      2. You need to be honest rather than saying what is thought to be the nice thing to say. You are saying that “nature” aka a person’s fertility is what qualifies them on whether they are able to be a parent. Nature is the system controlling who is a parent.

      3. Ok so you do believe that is what determines who should and shouldn’t be a parent. Fair enough. Thank you for your honesty.

    1. I have read this blog but you still appear to worry about offending people at times. You were honest here about fertility determining who should be a parent. I respect that.

  7. Fertility does determine who CAN be a parent, but not who SHOULD.

    I don’t think nature works that way. If a child dies young, does that mean they should not live? Of course not. It’s all chance. Who gets sick, who can have kids.

    Many fertile people should not be parents, and many infertile people should be. It’s just the way life is.

    I may worry about offending people, at times, but it does not work. People are offended whether I try and be nice or not!

  8. Essentially you are saying nature is saying who should be parents by saying nature is intending for parents to be with their kids because nature made them fertile. You’re right that regardless of intention you are going to offend some people. It’s why honesty is the best approach.

      1. You are saying that. And yes the definition of should I get. I don’t believe you are saying they always need to parent the kids that they conceive but that they should as nature intended by making them fertile.

        I may not be able to understand you but I recognize where you are coming from and why you feel the way you do.

    1. GSMWCO2 – your posts are so claustrophobic.

      It seems to me that you have barged in with your concerns about infertility and have demanded that we all stop our conversation, shut up and attend to your concerns.

      It is SO clear to me that the writer was writing about the uniquely profound bond between a natural mother and child – something completely ignored and dismissed by the adoption cheerleaders.
      This painful, tender conversation was about that. Not about you.

      I don’t care about infertility. There is great suffering everywhere in the world. Why you think yours should be solved through the suffering of someone else (who loses their child or their original family through adoption) is utterly beyond me.

      I won’t be be replying to any comment you make.

      1. My comment was about a person’s fertility determining whether they should parent as the author said with nature being the driving force. I never said a thing about my suffering or infertility for that matter. It was about the concept of Natural Selection applying to parenting.

        And BTW I’m not going to adopt so you’re statement about me think my suffering should be solved through someone else’s suffering is false. So don’t bother replying because you’ve shown that you are only interested in attacking people like myself.

  9. It is sad that they are so deluded. It will take a great awakening for them to come to grips with what they are to their first daughter, Carly. I feel sorry for all of them.

    1. Me too. They are ideal adoption fodder – caught in the adoption web when they were uneducated, poor, young and disempowered by their living situation. Now the creepy adoption ‘counsellor’ Dawn never leaves their side – like a weird collie dog always herding them towards the pro-adoption point of view.
      Catelynn’s tears seem to be reality trying to be heard. I’m sure Dawn won’t allow that.

      As for poor Carly – what a solitary road she has to travel carrying the weight of her adoptive parents’ needs and her mother and father’s lack of awareness. I hope Carly finds other awake adoptees to help and accompany her on her journey later in life.

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