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I Just Can’t Stand it Anymore.


What has happened to this world?  When did giving away your newborn become a good thing?  How did the human race lose touch with millions of years of evolution.  Why do we think we can do a better job than nature?

These two are a prime example of the brainwashing of america regarding infant adoption.  They are so sure, so confident, so earnest.

Imagine being their daughter, and having to watch your own parents deny you like this someday?  And all for no reason.  These two were just as fit to parent then as they are now.

adoptee, adoption, anger, death, drugs, family, overdose, pain, rejection, reunion

My Cousin Overdosed



I never met my cousin.  He was 37, and lived in Florida.  He was my dear Auntie’s youngest son.  He led a troubled life.

My Aunt had a terrible childhood, like my mother did.  She was sexually abused since before she could remember.  My grandmother would bring home men from the bars and pass out, leaving her young children at the mercy of predators.  And prey they did.

My Auntie was a prostitute before she knew what it was.  The men would give her candy, or a few coins, or sometimes drugs when they were finished.

Everyone who grew up in Nana’s house was damaged.  She had 7 children in all.  Three are alive, Auntie, her sister China, and Uncle Charlie, who lives in a tent.

Auntie had 2 sons, one black, from a rape when she was hitchhiking at age 16 and one white, with a simple minded neighborhood guy.  She had substance abuse issues, and struggled to hold onto her sons.  She was in family court many times, even appearing before Judge Judy, before her TV fame.

One of her social workers convinced her it would be a good idea to give up her youngest son for adoption, the white one.  The social worker adopted him.  She promised openness, but fled to another state instead.  Auntie says she was tricked out of her son.  I wasn’t around, so I don’t really know what happened, but her son was gone.

When her son, Larry was around 14, the adoptive mother placed a ad in the local paper, looking for Auntie.  Larry had become a problem child, and the social worker/adoptress needed help. She told Auntie that she adopted the wrong son. Larry was never OK.  He was in jail, involved in drugs and crime.  He had at least 3 children with different women, and now he’s dead.

My mother died in Aunties arms on Sept 1, and now this.  And Aunties girlfriend broke up with her while Mom was dying, and started a relationship with Aunties ex!  They met through Auntie.

Another dead adoptee.  My cousin, who I never got to meet.