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The worst thing, so far

My mother is in Hospice care.  Her days are numbered.

All I want to do is be near her, for this last time in her life.  I got cheated out of so much, but I am not even allowed this last bit.

My mother kept her last child, a son, born 4 years after me.  She had one abortion, one adoption and finally she got it right, she kept him.  She appealed to his father’s family, and they helped her.  She told me she has never gone more than 4 days without speaking to him.  He is 48.

I was going to work today, woke up early and got dressed, but I hadn’t slept much the night before, and I really wanted to see my mother.  She was moved to the hospice floor last night, after I left the hospital.  I left when kept son came.  I don’t like to be around him.  I do not like him at all.  Part is jealousy, and part is the way he treats me.

My sweet husband drove me to the hospital, about 1 hour, by car from where I live.  I got there at 9 am, and found my dear Auntie lying in the empty bed in the peaceful, orderly room.  Mom was in the other bed.  She is emaciated, her bones sharp in her still beautiful face.  Her nose is mine, her chin and face, all so strange, yet so like my own!

I sat in the comfortable chair, and looked at my mother, marveling at this stranger who brought me into this world, and was so soon going to leave me again.  I sat with Mom while Auntie got a cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette.  I was glad to be with her, even though mom is not conscious.  She seems to be sleeping, snoring with a slight gasping sound.  It’s heartbreaking, but since it’s all I have left, I cherish it.

Then Auntie got a text, kept son was on his way!  Soon his face was at the door.  He began crying loudly.  We went out to get some air, and leave them alone for awhile.   Auntie wanted to get mom something pretty to wear.  Mom was very fashionable, and made a lot of her own outfits.  She studied fashion, and was an accomplished seamstress.  We went to the gift shop and picked up a pretty bed jacket.  Mom was wearing the fuzzy socks I had given her yesterday.

We went back into the room, and Auntie asked kept son to leave, so she could put the bed jacket on Mom.  He disappeared.  He then texted Auntie, asking when he could have time alone with his mother.

So we waited for him to come back, and we left.  Auntie had been at the hospital for 2 days, and had not showered or changed her clothes.  She headed back to her place and I headed back to mine. We rode the bus together for awhile, then she got off.  I stayed on until I reached the train station, where i caught a train home.  I had been planning to stay all day, and my husband was going to pick me up after work.

That’s not how it works when you’re given up for adoption.  He is her son, I am nobody and nothing. He kicks me out, and I get on the bus.  He is the alpha and the omega.

This was my parents choice.  they did this to me.  There is nothing for me to do but accept it.  Kept son can kick me out of my mother’s last days at any time.

I am nobody and nothing

I am nobody and nothing

Wasn’t a lifetime with her enough?  Why can’t I have this, too?

6 thoughts on “The worst thing, so far”

  1. Thanks. I never saw her again. Never said goodbye. I think she was cremated, but I don’t even know where her ashes are. I wanted to send flowers for Christmas. Never saw my brother again either.

  2. We always hope for a deathbed reconciliation or at least words of love. Nope. How small of her not to be able to acknowledge your pain and need even for a minute, ever.

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