adoptee, adoption, rejection, reunion

Never, ever, ever…….



It’s never going to happen.  I will never, ever be part of my own family.  No one is going to share the news of a new baby with me.  I’ll never be invited to a wedding, or a shower, or a christening, graduation or even over for dinner.  My family wants nothing to do with me.  They want me to disappear.  I speak of my father’s family, the great and glorious McIrish clan, 

How can a man love his children with one woman, but not another?  Why are the ones my father kept so much more worthy of being part of the family?  Did my father’s casting me out just erase me from my family tree?  

Well, it appears it does, and all concerned seem just fine with it.  All save me, of course. 

They think I have a family, that my adoptive parents were able to take the place of my true family.  They are so wrong.  I have never felt like a member of my adoptive, or natural families.  And it’s my misfortune that this happened to me.  No one is going to help me to fit in.  

How can they be so cruel?  Someone help me, it hurts so bad.  

adoptee, adoption, rejection, reunion

The Beautiful Island



Reunion is like seeing a beautiful tropical island in the distance. You were born there, and you family lives there, but you can’t find your way back. Some of us do, and we land on the sunny shores, only to discover that we don’t speak the language or know the customs. The natives seem friendly, but they don’t include you in their ceremonies. You slowly realize that they are not as friendly as they seemed. Some of them even throw rocks and spears at you to drive you away. They don’t seem to believe, or care that you are a native too. They cast you off the island long ago, and they don’t want to remember what they did. Eventually you leave the island, brokenhearted.