adoption, rejection, reunion

A poem

When she was born, was cold and damp
her mother had a little cramp

No one was called, no one was told
She bore the child all alone.

The shame was strong, she had to go
Hustled off before all would know.

Her father came, took her away
Let’s tell a lie, the only way

We’ll say she’s dead, our little babe,
She doesn’t even deserve a grave.

Hurry, hurry, let’s make haste
There isn’t any time to waste.

They never came to take her back
Family is what she lacked.

Mom and Dad had things to do,
Better things than care for you.

Don’t be upset, what could we do?
We didn’t want to deal with you.

And now you’re back, in our face
Other’s raised you in our place.

We don’t want you, why are you here?
Didn’t you hear us loud and clear?

We gave you up, we said bye bye
What now are you going to cry?

What is it you want from me?
You’re not part of our family tree.

We don’t know you, you are bad
We gave you up, can’t you be glad?

Everyone else stayed together,
but you’re a bird of a different feather.

Just get lost, we told you once
I can’t believe you’re such a dunce.

An orphan with a family
That is was she is fated to be.

No one cares, they have each other
She’s the one without a mother.

Let’s kick her out, show her the door
We can’t be bothered anymore.

Stop coming by, you are a pest
We kicked you out of our nest

You’re not like us, don’t try to be
We’re all happy, can’t you see.

She had such hope, she needed love
All she got was another shove.

I guess it’s time she knew the score,
She wasn’t wanted anymore.

She longs for them, they never cared
Love is something they can’t share.

Poor little babe, left to die
Why would she want to cry?

Not even a grave to lay her head,
Her family thinks she’s dead.

She’ll go away, back from where she came
A broken heart her only gain.

4 thoughts on “A poem”

  1. I’m so sorry….I will never understand those who could reject their own child. I just cannot relate, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to have my child near me. I ache for you and I hope they will find the courage to face their demons and love you as you ought to be loved.

  2. You….need to keep writing! your poem reached in, grabbed my heart and squeezed it hard. I felt it…
    I’m so very sorry for your pain and grief.
    Remember…you are not alone.

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